J H Reece Trophy and medals donated to Speedwell

JH Reece was a Speedwell member in the 1890's.  It is believed that he had a cycle shop in central Birmingham (near the Hippodrome theatre).  There is a photograph of him in the Club album.  The trophy and medals shown below are part of a collection donated back to the Speedwell by Mrs Wendy Roodhouse in 2008.

Silver trophy, dated 1891

Silver Trophy, dated 1981  Detail of inscription

Gold medal, 1893

Gold medal  Gold medal - reverse Gold medal - detail

T.O. (Thomas Ottley, 29 Spencer St, Birmingham)
9 carat gold - Birmingham assay office, 1893

Bronze medal, 1890

Bronze medal, 1890 Bronze medal - reverse

Gold medal, 1890

Gold medal, 1890 Gold medal - 1890 - reverse