GHS 10

12th September 14:00 - 10 Miles - K34/10D - GHS Championship Final

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Start sheet

A list of riders can be viewed at this link on the CTT website.

Here is the full start sheet in PDF form (385KB).

The Course

The course for this event has been changed from the K33/10D to the K34/10D.  The official course details, with a link to a Google map, can be viewed here:

The event HQ is the Grieg Hall, Gunnings Road, Alcester.  To get directions to the HQ, click here.  (Enter your location in box A and click "Get directions".)

You can also inspect the course - and even fly over it - using Google Earth:

  • Install Google Earth on your computer (you can download it from
  • Download the map
  • You can save the map to your computer or run it directly in Google Earth
  • Click the Play button in Google Earth to see the fly-through

Or, you can view the course directly in Google Maps by clicking here.

The following profile is rather exaggerated - there are no steep hills on the course.  The difference between the highest and the lowest points is about 30 metres and there are approx 125 metres of climbing and and the same amount descending.  But, as you can see, very little of it is flat!

K34/10D profile


In response to the question "how do I enter?" the answer is: you don't - if you qualified through your regional heat then you are already entered.

The list of qualifiers and wildcard entrants is shown at this link on the CTT website.  If you have any queries please contact Keith Lawton via the CTT's national website or email


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Jeff Matthews

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01527 892180